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The Complete Process Of Buying A Home

October 4, 2017

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest, most important financial decisions you'll make. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or have purchased multiple homes Southern Generations Group has a systematic approach to create a stress free, enjoyable experience every time.


1. Buyers Consultation:

The first step to a buying a home is a buyers consultation. We host you at our office so we can get to know you and your families wants and needs. This will ensure that we are on the right track to finding your dream home.


2. Pre-Approval:

The second step is one of the most important steps which is the pre-approval process. We are happy to get you in contact with a reputable mortgage broker in town who will give you an honest assessment, answer any questions you may have and present you with all of your loan options. 


3. Private Viewings:

After we have successfully made it through the pre-approval process we are ready to begin the real fun. We will schedule private showings for you and your family to see those homes that have met your wants and needs.


4. Negotiate and Ratification:

Once we have found you and your families dream home, we will make an offer, negotiate on your behalf and start working towards a successful closing.


5. Home and Termite Inspection:

One of the first steps after the contract is ratified is scheduling a home inspection, as well as a termite inspection. We work with the most reputable home inspectors in the Tri-County Area. Both inspections involve a top to bottom inspection of the home. The licensed Pest Control Operator will examine the property to make sure it is free of infestations. The Home Inspector will check the condition of the roof, plumping,  HVAC system,  insulation, walls etc. Within 48 hours we will receive an inspection report from both parties. We will review the reports together, discussing any concerns and address the  issues to the seller to negotiate a repair resolution. 


6. Appraisal:

Once the inspection is completed your Loan Officer will schedule an appraisal. This will ensure the value of the property and is part of the loan approval process. Once the appraisal is satisfactorily approved and completed, the lender, our team and the listing agent will work together to ensure your loan reaches all the necessary steps to come to completion. 


7. Closing Attorney:

Once the loan has been approved, the closing attorney will be contacted to start preparing for closing. We can reccomend a few highly regarded closing attorneys in town if needed. The closing attorney will be responsible for preparing the neccesarry paperwork, check the title of the property, and handle the receipts and distribution of all financial transactions. 


8. Home Owners Insurance:

When using a mortgage, it is required to have homeowners insurance policy to cover the property. We will help you find a coverage that is suitable to appease the requirements for the mortgage loan. 


10. Week of Closing:

Prior to closing, we will arrange an agreed date to have the utilities transferred from one another. Once we have reached the closing date, we will meet at the attorneys office to sign all the required paper work, exchange keys and celebrate your new investment!


Purchasing a home can be stressful and confusing no matter how many home transactions you've dealt with, but it doesn't have to be. Southern Generation Group is looking forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations. If you have any questions please let us know.





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